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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. For more information reach out to our friendly team via the Contact Us page.


Sole Sox are essentially a cotton sock with a light weight, soft & flexible, rubber sole. They are designed to mimic barefoot walking.

For decades we have been told that barefoot is best, but it’s not always practical. Thats where Sole Sox come in. Our rubber sole doesn’t have any holes in it so it provides protection from harsh, hot, cold and damp surfaces. 

Sole Sox are perfect for little ones learning to walk, run & climb. 

👣Simulates barefoot walking  - The soft rubber sole is light weight flexible and oh so comfortable. It allows their little feet to pick up on sensory information from the ground as they learn to walk.

👣 Large toe box - Our shoes are designed to give their little toes room to wiggle and grow. This is essential in ensuring their feet grow and develop correctly.

👣 No holes in our soles - so you don’t have to stress about damp feet when out and about.

👣 Combed cotton socks - more durable so you can wash them as much as you like. 

👣 Non-slip food grade rubber sole - helps develop their confidence and keep them from slipping and sliding. And we use food grade rubber without any harmful glues or toxins to keep your little one safe.

 👣Super Cute - Our designs are simple sleek and look great on any outfit.

👣 Affordable Pricing - We have worked hard to bring to you a great product at a reasonable price without compromising on quality.

👣Slip on like socks - No time consuming laces or buckles.

👣Machine Washable & Quick drying

👣 Insoles are included- why pay extra for something that should come standard.


Currently there is no framework for approval from Podiatry Australia for Pre-walker baby shoes. This is why lots of businesses advertise their shoes as being "recommended" by podiatrists. This is misleading and Podiatry Australia have requested that businesses stop using this to promote their products. We are working closely with Podiatry Australia as they develop a framework to allow businesses like ourselves to gain their approval.

While we engaged Podiatrists, Child Physiotherapists and Pediatricians in developing our product and have had many podiatrists reach out to us after purchasing Sole Sox to offer their endorsement, we have chosen not to use this to promote our product based on the recommendation of Podiatry Australia. Podiatry Australia are close to finalising the development of the appropriate framework, and once everything becomes official, we will then be submitting our product for official approval.

Based on the research that has been conducted so far, shoes that mimic barefoot walking have shown to be best for developing feet. This is why our shoes are designed to mimic barefoot walking. We genuinely care about providing a great quality product that promotes the correct motor development for your little one.

Our Sole Sox Rubber Shoe Socks are made from a flexible light weight rubber called TPE. This offers protection from hot and harsh surfaces such as gravel and concrete, all while mimicing barefoot walking. They are especially great for outdoors as there are no holes in the sole so moisture & odor-causing bacteria does not seep in.

And if you’re out camping or can’t access a washing machine, and they get dirty or muddy, just give them a quick rinse and leave them out to dry.

Our Sole Sox are made with a Combed cotton sock and are very breathable. Often customers worry that because there are no holes our soles this may cause their feet to sweat. While your little ones feet may become sweaty in their Sole Sox, our research found that adding holes into the sole actually caused an increase in 'smelly feet' as the holes allowed odour causing bacteria & moisture to seep in.
If you find your little ones feet are getting sweaty, you can always add a pair of socks underneath to help with absorption, or wash them more frequently.
We also have our Breathable Summer Mesh styles that are great for Summer and extra sweaty feet.


Babies love getting messy! That's why our Sole Sox are made with soft but durable materials to ensure they can be washed again and again! They are designed to be washed as regularly as you would wash your socks. 

They are machine washable (30°C) and look great even after a quick baby wipe or when rinsed out by hand.

Our range of Summer Sole Sox are designed with Fast-Dry Technology so air-drying is best.

Remove insoles before washing and rinse by hand to prolong their life.

Do Not Tumble dry

Do Not Bleach

The age range is purely a guide. For most babies its perfect, but for some its too big or too small. It’s best to use our printable size guide or your childs foot measurement.

We include the age range mainly for people looking to purchase these shoes as a gift. Children of the same age can vary greatly in their foot measurements so whenever possible we suggest using this size guide to measure their foot.

At this age, the right size shoe is just as important as the right type of shoe. Shoes that are too big will slip off and cause your little one trip, stumble and fall. We strongly recommend purchasing the correct size for your little one, and not a larger size.

And if its not the right size, we have a really flexible Returns & Exchange policy.

We have worked hard to provide a great quality product at an affordable price because we are passionate about insuring little ones have the right size & type of footwear. 

We have a very flexible returns/exchange policy, if they happen to be too small/big. Just reach out to one of our friendly staff via the contact us page.

At this age, the right size is just as important as the right shoe. We would still recommend purchasing a Small (11.5cm).

The foot measurement does not represent the actual size of the shoe, it is a guide to help you select the right size.

Example: If your little one is measuring right on 11.5cm, a Small would still be the perfect size for them and there will still be plenty of room for their toes to wiggle and grow, as the actual shoe will be longer than 11.5cm.

They should still get a few months wear out of them. At this age, if your little ones shoes are too big on them, they can slip off and cause them to trip stumble or fall which will delay their motor development.

It’s always tricky when they measure in between sizes, that’s why we have a really flexible exchange policy. Sometimes, adding a pair of grip socks underneath the shoes can help while they are in between sizes. 

We recommend wearing Sole Sox with insoles, thats why we include them at no extra charge.

Sole Sox are fully lined with a cotton sock, and our insole provides a thin layer of support, whilst still allowing their adorable feet to pick up essential sensory information from the ground.

Sole Sox can be worn with or without the insole. It’s personal preference. Lots of customers like to wear socks underneath instead of insoles as well. Kids are often in and out of mud and puddles so thats why they're designed to be worn with or without insoles and socks. The inside of the shoes are cotton lined to totally ok either way if your little one prefers to wear them without the insoles.

Because we avoid using any harmful chemicals and toxins, we are limited with the types of glues we can use on our insoles. This is why we recommend removing insoles before washing your Sole Sox and rinsing them by hand to prolong their life.

No, socks are not necessary with Sole Sox as on the inside they are already a super comfortable cotton sock. You can definitely add socks underneath to add warmth in the colder months.



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