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About Us

 We are an Aussie owned and operated family business based in Melbourne, Victoria. My name is Diana and my family and I founded Sole Sox Australia.

At Sole Sox Australia we understand and have lived the struggles of finding the perfect shoes for toddlers. When babies are learning to take their first steps or learning to run, climb and jump, what’s on their feet matters.

We were inspired to create Sole Sox Australia after the birth of my youngest, Charlie. Being an early walker, we wanted shoes that would promote his early childhood motor development. All the research we came across showed that barefoot walking was best, but that wasn’t always practical.

We struggled to find shoes that wouldn’t fall off every 2 seconds, that he could actually walk properly in and that came in versatile designs that were suited to our unique Australian style.

That’s why we founded Sole Sox Australia. All our pre-walker shoes are designed to protect little ones delicate Soles, be as comfortable as Sox, all while giving babies feet the room to move, wiggle and grow. Our pre-walkers are comfortable, flexible, anti-slip, light weight and designed to simulate barefoot walking.

Charlie used to kick and scream every time we needed to put shoes on to leave the house. Now with Sole Sox, they simply slip on like a sock. They're soo easy to get on, that our daughter Toni now loves helping him with his Sole Sox.

They are designed with no holes in our soles, so you your little one can confidently wear them out for a walk or to the park without their feet getting wet if the grass is damp or they accidentally step in something they shouldn’t.

And if your Sole Sox were to get wet or dirty, they are designed to go straight in the Washing Machine (30°C) with everything else. Our fast dry technology means they’ll air-dry pretty quickly too. Just avoid exposing them to heat such as a dryer.

But most importantly, all our products are made from tested non-toxic food grade materials... just in case your baby wants a bite!


Sole Sox… Comfortable, Great for Motor Development, Easy to Clean and come in soo many Great Sizes and Designs.

Oh and did we mention? No need to purchase separate insoles as all our rubber Sole Sox come with them included.